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      1、岁月催人老,运动抗衰老。Years make you old, anti-aging。

      2、每一个学生都是好学生。Every student is a good student。

      3、活动有方,五脏自和。Well, five zang-organs and。

      4、运动是一切生命的源泉。Sport is the source of all life。

      5、丰收靠劳动,?#21487;?#38752;运动。Harvest by labor, physical exercise。

      6、生活多美好啊,体育锻炼乐趣无穷。How wonderful life is, sports fun。

      7、科学的基础是健康的身体。Science is the foundation of a healthy body。

      8、体育是填补空虚的最佳良药。Sports is the best medicine to fill the void。

      9、今日不运动,来日悔晚矣。Today don't exercise, every regret later in the future。

      10、生命就是运动,人的生命就是运动。Life is movement, the person's life is movement。

      11、运动不负有心人,坚?#36136;?#26085;必奏效。Sports pays off and sticking will work。

      12、只有运动才可以除去各种各样的疑虑。Only movement can remove all sorts of doubts。

      13、体育是在理性轨道上运行的竞争机制。Sports is the competition mechanism on rational orbit。

      14、铁不炼不成钢,人不练不健康。Iron smelting to produce, people don't practice of unhealthy。

      15、发展体育运动,增强人民体质。The development of sports, improve the people's physical fitness。

      16、体育与教育一样,能使人更加健?#21040;?#20840;。Sports and education, can make people more healthy。

      17、我生平?#19981;?#27493;行,运动给我带来了无穷的乐趣。My life like walking, sports brings me endless joy。

      18、高尚的娱乐,对人生是宝贵的恩物。Noble entertainment, a boon to the life is precious。

      19、让体育运动成为一种习惯,成为你生活的一部分。Make sports become a habit, a part of your life。

      20、淡泊名利,动静相济,劳逸?#35782;取ndifferent to fame and wealth, of economic activity, moderate work。

      21、人的健全,不但靠饮食,尤靠运动。People's sound, not only rely on diet, especially on sports。

      22、静止便是?#21171;觶?#21482;有运动才能敲开永生的大门。Stillness is death, can only open the eternal gate movement。

      23、舞动青?#28023;尤?#27735;水,用汗水舞出对生命的热爱。Dance dance youth, sweat and sweat, out of love for life。

      24、公?#20581;?#21644;?#20581;?#36827;步是竞技体育的核心价值。Justice, peace and progress is the core value of competitive sports。

      25、如果你有无法解决的烦恼,去参加体育运动吧。Couldn't solve the troubles, if you have to take part in sports。

      26、养生之道,常欲小劳,但莫大疲,及强所不能耳。Knowledge, often to small, but great weakness, and strong ear。

      27、人生的本质就在于运动,安谧宁静就是?#21171;觥he essence of life lies in sports, quiet quiet is death。

      28、天天做体操,寿比南山松不老。Do exercise every day, live as long as the southern mountain pine not old。

      29、身体的健康因静止不动而破坏,因运动练习而长期保持。Body health damage due to static, long-term for sports practice。

      30、身体虚弱,它将永远不全培养有活力的灵魂和智慧。The body weak, it will never fully cultivate energetic soul and wisdom。



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