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      英语美文欣赏:心态的力量The Power of Mind

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      People say, you can not change the environment, but can change their own; you can not change the facts, but can change attitudes; you can not change the past, but can be changed now; you can not control other people, but can be masters of our own; you can not do everything well, but can be conscientious in everything; you can not about the weather, but you can change the mood; you can not choose looks, but it can show a smile.



      Indeed, one key to the success lies in his (her) mind. The difference between successful people and the losers are: winners will be setbacks and difficulties due to personal ability, experience, imperfect, to emphasize the inherent, they are willing to continuously improve and develop the right direction; and the losers will blame on the opportunity, and the environment injustice, emphasizing external and uncontrollable factors that created the position of their life, they always complain, wait and give up!


      In many cases, is a humble person who is looked down upon his own. Person's appearance, his family, and so a priori condition that can not be changed, but at least inner state, the spirit of the will is entirely their own control. Mentality, the final decision of life high. There is no absolute bad thing, only the mentality of the absolute poor people. If even the state of mind will not adjust, how they deal with things more complicated than the mentality of it!


      No matter what the situation, a person's attitude is very important. Passion put to work, and numbness sluggish to work completely different. Emerson said: "A move toward their goals is always people who gave him the whole world to give way." On the contrary, failure is not because we do not have the strength, but because we are susceptible to all around us, used to go along with the lack of assertive, attitude unstable, easily frustrated reason.


      As long as we believe that the strength of mind, change their attitude and courage to face a number of disappointments in life, do not despair, brave go on.


      I believe the power of mind, mind you're in the height of the final decision



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