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      Love plays a pivotal role on our life. Love makes you feelwanted. Without love a person could go hayward and alsobecome cruel and ferocious. In the early stage of our life, ourparents are the ones who shower us with unconditional loveand care, they teach us about what is right and wrong, goodand bad. But we always tend to take this for granted.It is onlyafter marriage and having kids that a person understands andbecomes sensitive to others' feelings. Kids make a personresponsible and mature and help us to understand life better.



      Happiness and Sorrow


      Materialistic happiness is short-lived, but happiness achieved by bringing a smile on others' facegives a certain level of fulfillment. Peace of mind is the main link to happiness. No mind is happywithout peace. We realize the true worth of happiness when we are in sorrow. Sorrow is basicallydue to death of a loved one, failure and despair.But these things are temporary and pass away.

      物质上的快乐往往是短暂的,然而,当你给予他人一个微笑的时候,那种满足却是无与伦比的。心灵的平静往往是快乐的源泉。没有平和的心态就没有快乐的心情。 在伤心的时候,我们往往能够体会到快乐的真?#23567;?#24754;伤基本都来自于一个爱人的去世、失败还有绝望,但是这样的事情都是暂时的,总会过去的。

      Failure and Success


      Failure is the path to success. It helps us to touch the sky, teaches us to survive and shows us aspecific way. Success brings in money, fame, pride and self-respect. Here it becomes veryimportant to keep our head on out shoulder. The only way to show our gratitude to God forbestowing success on us is by being humble, modest, courteous and respectful to the lessfortunate ones.


      Hope and Despair


      Hope is what keeps life going. Parents always hope their children will do well. Hope makes usdream. Hope builds in patience. Life teaches us not to despair even in the darkest hour, becauseafter every night there is a day. Nothing remains the same we have only one choice keep movingon in life and be hopeful.


      Life teaches us not to regret over yesterday, for it has passed and is beyond our control.Tomorrow is unknown, for it could either be bright or dull. So the only alternative is work hardtoday, so that we will enjoy a better tomorrow.



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